Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Day Leftovers

Yes, I procrastinated, kept my head in the sand, hoped for the best… and then proceeded to have a nervous breakdown when I saw how much I was going to owe on my taxes this year. Turns out the tax credit for O2 went away when she turned 17 last year. Didn’t matter that she didn’t turn 17 until the END of the year. Uncle Sam doesn’t care about stuff like that.

My jaw hit the keyboard when I saw the final number.

And I vowed to give up everything I needed to to pay the tax man.

Like… groceries.

Luckily, some friends had taken me out for my birthday to one of my favorite restaurants, Sybaris. The chef/owner there does some really amazing things and sources locally. My entrée had a Cajun flare to it and included tasso creamed potatoes, crispy kale and some amazing sausages made (in-house) with crawfish and turkey.

Given the amount of food we ordered (which included a sinfully rich and delicious parsnip soup), it wasn’t surprising that I had leftovers. So after my heart stopped palpitating thanks to the IRS, I decided to make myself a little nosh using stuff I had hanging around, which included:

Yukon potatoes
One lonely Anaheim chile pepper
That really incredible sausage

No recipe. I chopped everything up, sautéed the potatoes and then the onions, tossed in the chile and garlic, seasoned with a little celery salt, pepper, and paprika, then added the sausages and just heated them through. Even had a few stray bits of kale that I threw in.

Guess it’s time to wend my way through the freezer and see what I can come up with from there.

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