Monday, November 1, 2010

Market of Choice Stole my Shtick

So, I've been reading (and thoroughly enjoying) other people's blogs for quite a while now, and I kept telling myself I should start my own.  Someday.  But I struggled with the best way to make it unique.  There's the theater angle (thus the name), but to be honest, when I'm working on a show, I'm not exactly cranking out high end meals.  I'm lucky to have a bowl of Cheerios before rehearsal.

While I wouldn't describe myself as a 'gourmet', I ASPIRE to cook like one.  I love to try out new recipes, and I have been so inspired by fellow bloggers.  My biggest hangup is that I don't have ready access to ingredients to satisfy the impulsive gourmand in me.  If I'm rattling around and see something I MUST TRY immediately, I'm liable to have my hopes go down in flames because my local grocery stores tend to cater more to the 'pop a Stouffers meal in the microwave' bunch than someone interested in taking fresh, local ingredients and elevating them to a higher level than gray macaroni drenched in neon orange fake cheese powder.

Eureka!  The 'angle' for my blog was going to be kind of a 'how to bring decent food to the table when you live in a WalMart (ick ptooey) world.

But before I could even cut my teeth on my new concept, Market of Choice went and opened up a brand new store just a few miles up the road from me.  And now I'm not only thinking that they've completely trashed my shtick, but I'm probably going to have to take a second job just to support my new habit.

If they put in a DSW over there, I might as well move to the Yukon.


  1. As I recall - I remember a young lady (ahem...) that used to love that 'neon orange fake cheese powder' on her popcorn...oh how the times change!

  2. Oh, I still buy the stuff. And use it on popcorn. Need to find a good use for the gray stuff. Maybe crafts?