Sunday, January 9, 2011

Something To Look Forward To

I began blogging mainly as a way of documenting recipes for my kids and myself (don't know how many times I've created a recipe and then promptly forgotten all about it), but also to share with others.  And whether my following is 2 or 2,000 matters not to me.

One thing I got serious about a few years ago was couponing.  Up to that point, my forays into the world of saving were sporadic at best.  But once I realized what a huge difference it made in not only sticking to a budget, but giving me the means to indulge in all the other little things I enjoy doing, I was hooked.

I've listed a few of the blogs I follow to keep up with other saving opportunities.  Fabulessly Frugal is celebrating its 2 MILLIONTH hit.  Wow.  And to celebrate, they're not only giving away a Visa card, but challenging people to turn that $100 into ANOTHER $100 for those in need.  Simply... Fabulous.  :-)

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